Brooke Daniels, Roy Williams Engagement Ring Lawsuit

Brooke Daniels

It doesn’t look like things are going to work out between former Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels and Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys receiver. Actually, I’m not sure things ever even started between them. What happened is that Williams clumsily sent Daniels an engagement ring through the mail. Included in the package was $5,000 for her to pay off ‘school and dental bills’, a baseball and a pre-recorded marriage proposal. How romantic!

No word on whether or not they had ever talked about marriage before he sent her his love package through the mail.

Brooke Daniels turned down Roy Williams’ proposal, but didn’t return the $76,000 engagement ring (or presumably any of the other items he sent her). She claims he told her he didn’t want it back, that she’d change her mind. He claims he asked for it back and she told him she’d lost it, but it was really at her father’s house. Her father, Michael Daniels, says he doesn’t want anything to do with this whole mess and will take care of his daughter with or without the help of Roy Williams! The insurance company says they aren’t covering the cost of the ring.

Roy Williams filed a lawsuit against Brooke Daniels and her father for the return of the engagement ring. They are due in court this Friday to start sorting the sorted mess out.

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  • Wow.  Smooth move, space cadet – nothing indicates a sincere wish to marry like a ring in the mail and a prerecorded proposal.  $75k for a ring, and you wouldn’t deliver it yourself when you could?

    Yeah.  All things considered, count it as a learning experience – both of you!