Michelle Yeoh Deported By Burma For Playing Democracy Activist in THE LADY

Beautiful Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who is best known in the United States for her roles in CROUCHING TIGER and also the James Bond action film, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, has been deported from Burma for her portrayal of human rights activist Aung Sang Suu Kyl. Michelle Yeoh is one of the most successful Asian actresses to have many breakthrough roles in films that receive wide American distribution compared to so many Hong Kong based actors who never receive all that much fame in the States.

In the film, THE LADY, Yeoh expertly portrays the life of Kyl who spent more than a decade under house arrest in Burma. The French-English film is directly by Luc Besson, who often directs films where the subject is a heroic female. And Michelle is a very strong actress with excellent credentials to cast as a lead.

You can probably expect THE LADY to get a lot of buzz for awards honors. Hollywood loves these type of films and is highly likely to reward actors in such films.

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