Gilbert Gottfried Doing Sold Out Gigs Along With A New Hustler Interview

Gilbert Gottfried is a busy beaver these days. Fans of Gilbert Gottfried have been real loyal to him, where he just got done playing two sold out shows in Detroit and moved on to a big show at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York. Showtime Family Channel is airing his version of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK this weekend. He did an interview on radio station WRIF and the new issue of HUSTLER also has a major new interview with the comic. Gilbert Gottfried’s career appears to be moving on nicely, with little impact from flap with AFLAC a few months ago when he Tweeted some jokes in the wake of the Japan earthquake. This is important. It proves that most folks realized that a joke is a joke, and that Gilbert meant no harm with milking a few laughs from any opportunity for a joke.

The HUSTLER interview is a big piece for Gilbert, and a must read for any of his fans. It gives Gilbert a great forum to be funny as well as candid, and is one of his best interviews ever. The comic genius is no doubt glad to see so much fan support and real lasting impact from the bad news fallout from a few months ago.

If anything, it seems like a little controversy has actually been good for Gilbert Gottfried. He’s hot and in demand ever since he got some unwanted publicity over his earthquake Tweets that he thought were mostly to be read by his friends.

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