David Duchovny And Tea Leone Split

Former X-FILES star David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leone have separated, although they haven’t formally filed for divorce yet. For years their marriage has been strained. Duchovny entered rehab back in 2008 claiming to suffer from sex addiction, although no such condition is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association to exist.

Duchovny was never caught up in any cheating scandal by his wife, rather, he claimed to be having an addiction to viewing Internet pornography. This certainly sounds strange. Don’t most guys just surf for this sort of stuff out of curiosity, and then eventually shut their computers off at some point and go on with their life? If Duchovny couldn’t control his own behavior, then maybe he had some sort of compulsive personality issues to address. It wasn’t like he was actually cheating on his wife, yet Duchovny believed that he was troubled enough to seek professional help. Yet, his marriage seemed to still be troubled even after seeking help for whatever personality disorders that he believed that he suffered from.

However, one report claims that it’s not the problems of David Duchovny that actually ended the marriage of the two. There is a report that David found sexually explicit text messages on Tea’s cell phone from 53 year old actor Billy Bob Thornton that actually broke things up. That’s interesting, because for so long David was cast as the problem in this relationship. Now, it seems like it takes two to mess up a marriage.

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