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Who Is Sandy McMillin?

Sandy McMillin 51, made national news when she was tossed out of a Eugene, Oregon Wal-Mart in what appeared to be outrageous dress and a shaved head. But, there’s an interesting life story behind this woman as KVAL noted. She was a former motorcycle racer who would race three wheeled motorcycles who suffered two serious […]


Celebrity Skin: Markie Post

Markie Post who just turned 60(and still a major league babe!) this year is probably best known as public defender Christine Sullivan on NIGHT COURT, the very popular comedy that once was the highlight of Wednesday nights on NBC. Currently she voices the character June Darby in TRANSFORMERS PRIME. And despite a long career in […]

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CONAN Falls To Fourth Place Among Cable TV Talk Shows

Conan O’Brien, remember him? He has a cable talk show on TBS, remember? Well, you’re not alone if you forgot all about that show. It seems like a lot of folks have as well. During June, CONAN fell to fourth place place among the cable TV talk show also-rans, coming up just behind Chelsea Handler’s […]


Celebrity Skin: Larry Flynt Offers Casey Anthony $500,000 To Pose Nude

Larry Flynt has offered acquitted child killer Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in HUSTLER along with 10% of all profit, making the offer very lucrative. In 1975, HUSTLER made $20 million dollars off of some nude photos of Jackie Onassis. However, Larry Flynt apparently hasn’t heard about the negative reaction that Vivid received after […]

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House Committee Passes Controversial ISP Data Retention Bill

Despite concerns from 30 civil liberties groups as well the author of the Patriot Act, James Sensenbrenner(R-W), the House Judiciary Committee has passed a very controversial ISP data retention bill that requires Internet service providers to retain data for 18 months on what web-surfing activity individuals do. The legislation is supposed to be aimed at […]

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Sandy McMillin Kicked Out of Wal-Mart for Violating Dress Code

Sandy McMillin Kicked Out of Wal-Mart for Violating Dress Code How low do you have to go to violate the dress code at Wal-Mart? Did anyone KNOW there was a Wal-Mart dress code? I mean, there is a reason there is an entire website dedicated to the People of Wal-Mart (and it ain’t pretty). What […]


Denise Richards Reveals Lesbian Fling On Howard Stern

Charlie Sheen’s former wife, Denise Richards, made a little news of her own on HOWARD STERN when she revealed that she had a lesbian fling with a famous Hollywood actress. The actress was appearing to support her new book, THE REAL GIRL NEXT DOOR. You can expect the radio segment’s video portion to also be […]

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The Very Worst Conflict Of Interest Story Ever Told

It seems that the alternative weekly news magazine, SEATTLE WEEKLY ran what seemed like an investigative journalism piece about crime story author Ann Rule. The piece seemed to a damning indictment of Rule’s new book about accused murderer Liysa Northon, claiming that Rule ignored a lot of evidence that Northon didn’t murder her husband. The […]

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Leighton Meester Custody Battle With Mother Over Brother

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester is in the middle of some nastiness with her mother who was at one time also her manager. It seems that the two are suing each other. Leighton is suing for custody of her younger brother, Alexander Meester, who is said to have some chronic health issues. The 25-year-old Leighton […]

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Frank Darabont Walks Out of The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead already have to wait until October for season two of the hit zombie apocalypse series, now news is breaking that showrunner Frank Darabont is walking out of the show. He will be replaced by next in line Glen Mazarra who has a pretty impressive resume of his own. But that […]

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Victor Mousetraps’ Made In The USA Sweepstakes!

Some stories just want to make my heart all swell up with pride. No country in the whole darn world has better perfected mounting a spring on a block of wood than the U.S. The Chinese can’t take this high tech product from us. And Victor Mousetraps wants you to feel pride as well for […]

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Dan Peek From 1970’s Top 40 Act, America, Dead At 60

Dan Peek, who provided much of the vocal work for the 1970’s soft rock group, America, has died at the age of 60. Strangely, he was also found dead in his bed like Amy Winehouse was earlier this week. His lifeless body was found by his wife. During the early part of the 1970’s, America […]

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Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Never Mind Government Shutdowns, Senators Want Millions For A New Porn Crackdown

Uncle Sam wants to spend your hard earned tax dollars once again for yet another war on porn and masturbation, just at same time that this country looms on economic crisis. This time it’s a bunch of those “Tea Party ” favorite sons behind the effort(you know the type, those same old big government spending […]

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LOST Deleted Scene at Comic-Con! (Video)

Comic-Con just wasn’t the same this year without having LOST as part of the whole experience. If I have to explain that statement to you, then you just wouldn’t understand. LOST loyalists will understand it perfectly. Fortunately, there was one little tidbit of LOST at Comic-Con 2011. A Lost deleted scene was shown at Comic-Con […]

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Adriana Lima Bikini Photos: On Miami Beach with Baby Valentina Jaric

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima has been on the beach in Miami the last couple of days which gives us the opportunity to show you some Andriana Lima bikini photos! She was on the beach with her little baby daughter Valentia Jaric and the two looked like they were having a great time. I know, I […]