Prince Harry King of Canada?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, King of Canada?

There’s a group of Monarchists (or Royalists) in Canada that are lobbying to have Prince Harry, third in line to the throne of Great Britain, be installed as King of Canada. It seems the Canadians (at least the ones who are into the monarchy) are a little put out that their monarch is thousands of miles away and only visits her commonwealths every couple of years. If that.

So a group who call themselves the Monarchist League of Canada came up with the idea to ask Prince Harry to be their own personal monarch. Seeing as how he’s not likely to actually become King of England and all.

Their idea is that if he doesn’t want to stay in Canada year-round then he could split his time between the British commonwealths around the world. Staying 6-months in Canada, 6-months in Australia, etc. With 16 British commonwealths that would they would see their monarch even less than they do now.

No sooner than the news that the Canadians want Harry then did another group make a statement that THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY MEANT AT ALL! Sheesh. What will the Brits think of us if we ask for Harry or any other royal to be here all the time? Why they’ll think there’s something wrong with us. That’s what.

This whole episode underlines the fundamental differences between the United States and Canada. While we seem to be the same in oh so many ways, we really aren’t. When the British wanted to rule the United States our ancestors revolted and sent them packing back to Europe. No taxation without representation and get your red coats back across the sea and leave us alone. Meanwhile, the polite Canadians are quite happy to pay their taxes and not expect so much as a visit or a thought on their behalf. Here, please take our taxes, just don’t think badly of us for thinking it might be nice to have our very own monarch representing us in the English court. And Thank You. Thank you very much!

See. A world of difference.

So should Prince Harry be King of Canada or perhaps some other royal? Maybe Princess Beatrice or Princess Eugenie would serve that purpose (but only if the DO hats in Canada). Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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