The Cadillac Creeps Raise The Bar For Macabre Music

Hailing from good old Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Cadillac Creeps are one great small-time band that has yet to become a household name. Utilizing great onstage theatrics as well musical talent, this four man band should appeal to any good fan of horror movies as well fans of Rob Zombie and other Gothic or horror shtick acts. While much of their music can probably be pigeon-holed in the league with other metal acts, it’s their heavy empathsis on horror movie theatrics that makes this band so darn entertaining.

The band has been invited to play the Screamfest Horror Convention and other good gigs before. And the band has a new album, REAL HORROR SHOW, that’s available on iTunes right now, and well worth the bread you lay down. And the band got another boost this month when the biker magazine, CYCLE SOURCE, also gave the band a good write-up. Hey, if biker says a band’s good, a band’s good. Right?

Just like any good zombie rising up, The Cadillac Creeps seem prepared to rise up as a great new talent to entertain with their twisted horror show influenced brand of rock n’ roll. This is a band to watch for. They’re rising stars!

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