TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Set To Be The Next Huge Summer Box Office Smash

Look for Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to have another huge box office smash when TRANSFORMERS: THE DARK OF THE MOON hits major theaters on June 29. The film will be shown in three formats, regular 2d, Real 3D and Imax formats in spectacular Dolby 7.1 sound. Most of the regular cast will reprise their roles in the series, with the notable exception of Megan Fox, the young brunette bombshell actress who decided to move on from the series.

Although, the series based off the toys licensed by Hasbro Toys is certainly geared towards a younger audience, most viewers should still be pretty impressed at the awesome special effects and excellent production in any film bearing the imprint of both Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

One impressive sequence is a fictionalized sequence of the July 1969 landing on the moon where the astronauts discover the wreckage of a huge spacecraft. It’s a truly impressive sequence in the film, which only really awes with it’s massive look. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg never go for the cheap. There’s nothing “Ed Wood” about their film productions.

While the film will be released in most theaters on June 29, look for the film to debut one day earlier in the Imax theaters. With a budget of $195 million dollars, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON will be one of the most expensive movies ever released. However, director Michael Bay intends for this to be the last of the series that he will direct. But, given the amount of money the series makes, you can probably look for more films in the series as long as the franchise makes money. You can never say never.

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  • Anonymous

    Megan Fox did’nt “move on” from the series…she was pushed out by Bay and Spielberg.