Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison Marry: Their Careers Get Major Boost (Video)

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison got married last month. He is a 51-year-old actor and she’s a 16-year-old singer. Should work out great! See a Courtney Stodden video below and the couple’s wedding photo.

Doug hutchinson, Courtney Stodden

Before today you probably never heard of Courtney Stodden and may or may not have heard of Doug Hutchison. If you heard of the character actor Hutchison, it was probably more like hearing of one of his characters, like the mean guard on The Green Mile or the groovy leader of the Dharma Initiative Horace Goodspeed on LOST. But today we are getting to know both of them much better because the news is they got married.

The thing that makes that news is that he’s 51-years-old and she’s 16-years-old. They married in Las Vegas on May 20th and are now living as man and wife in Hollywood Hills. That’s just lovely. Her parents consented (making it legal) to the wedding and in fact, according to Radar Online, they are thrilled with the union. Her father, Alex Stodden and her mother, Krista Stodden, told that Horrace Doug is a wonderful man that any father would want behind his daughter. Or on top of her, or under her. No he didn’t really say that, but … well … never-mind.

From the looks of it they have a lot in common. They are both on the periphery of show business and they both love her boobs. I just make that assessment from the photo above and the video below. In fact, I wonder if her back hurts from sticking them out so far in most of the photos I’ve seen of her. They (her breasts) appear to be a major asset in the whole relationship. They are, by the way, completely real says her mother!!! She’s completely real and a good Christian girl who was a virgin until the day they married.

I wonder if her parents are younger than Doug Hutchison? I bet they are. Will he call them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’? Will they have to call him ‘Sir’? How does it feel to have a man older than you are going to bed with your teenaged daughter? There’s a major eww factor going on here!

With the marriage of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison their careers get a major boost, at least for this news cycle. Enjoy the Courtney Stodden video below as she writhes around in the back of a boat and let me know if you feel her career will go much further.

Courtney Stodden: Don’t Put It On Me – Video

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  • Lennette Bogan

    Fake boobs…..face full of make up…well she sure doesn’t look 16.I’m guessing she’s gonna get prego then divorced….and then shave her head like Brittany Spears.Way to break the mold!

  • She’s peaked.  Talent and tits will get you much further than tits alone – and the talent is sadly lacking.

  • Visionprdx

    She looks old!!! She has a youthful face, but is old…  I second Lennette…  Probably some snott spoiled rotten kid.. What was my good laugh as reading ” She’s completely real and a good Christian girl who was a virgin until the day they married.”  ROFLMFAO!!

  • Ick.  She should do a duet album with Rebecca Black and call it “Autotune”.  She looks like a trampy 16 year old in the video, but a leathery 30-something washed up former Playboy model in the wedding shot.  And Doug Hutchison looks like he’s spent WAY too much time under the plastic surgeon’s knife.  As long as they’re happy, I guess …

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