Ryan Reynolds Photos: Green Lantern Premiere

Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern topped the box-office this weekend and Ryan Reynolds, the sexiest man alive, is said to have done a good job playing the comic-book hero Hal Jordan. Other cast members include Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Skaarsgard.

There have some not-so-great reviews and the $52.7 million weekend box-office isn’t what some might have hoped for, but it led the pack non-the-less.

Regardless of all that, Ryan Reynolds is one of my favs so seeing him throughout a movie in anything muscle-hugging all right with me (or nothing at all would be okay too!).

If you haven’t seen Green Lantern yet, then watch out for spoilers.

Below are some Ryan Reynolds photos from the Green Lantern premiere in Los Angeles on June 15th. Here are more Ryan Reynolds photos

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