Another Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner isn’t the only weird guy politician who like to get into the pants of some young college student it seems. In South Carolina, Alvin Greene, a failed Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010 was able to offer a plea bargain to a lesser crime after he was arrested on felony charges of showing an 18 year old college student a pornographic website and then wanted to go up to her apartment at her dorm. The student called the police and reported the creepy behavior, and Greene was promptly arrest on felony obscenity charges. This week, after he plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge he will enter counseling and will be put on probation unless sexually offends again.

With the scandal plaguing Alvin Greene during the 2010 election, the Democratic Party was stuck with him as their senate candidate nominee when he refused to withdraw, where he only garnered just 27% of the vote in the general election. One organization even named Greene as one of America’s most corrupt politicians as well, although some persons feel about the same about Senator Jim DeMint who walked away with a landslide election win.

Greene apparently had some behavior problems before at the University Of South Carolina, where he had been warned by campus officials not to go to certain areas within the college. However, in a science lab, Greene reportedly used the computer to access some sexual website and then asked the 18 year old to view the site and then asked to go to her room. Greene claims he that he did nothing wrong, claiming it was all a joke, insisting that the girl owes him an apology for calling the police. But, then in court, Greene acknowledged his guilt.

Hey, what can I say? Another weird guy politician. And you think that they threw away the mold when Anthony Weiner was born. But, the news gets even better. Greene is still considering a run for president of the Unites States despite everything. Hey, who wouldn’t be right proud to display a bumper sticker for the Greene-Weiner ticket for president on their car or truck?


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