Crystal Harris Claims That Split From Hugh Hefner Was “Mutual”

The sudden split of Crystal Harris, 25 and Hugh Hefner,85, was called mutual by the GIRLS NEXT DOOR star on Ryan Seacrest’s ON-AIR program. Harris claimed that the lifestyle of Hefner with so many girls surrounding the founder of PLAYBOY just didn’t feel right to her. However, some contradictory sources claimed that Hefner was devastated by the sudden split only days ahead of his planned Saturday wedding, where Harris was considered to be the love of his life by his fiends. One friend was worried the aging playboy would die of a broken heart because of the whole terrible event.

While the split was likely a terrible event for Hefner, some like Jay Leno joked about the event, claiming that Harris broke up with Hefner after doctors gave him a clean bill of health.

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  • So… how many times does 85 go into 25?

    Not even once, it looks like!