Mildred Baena Talks About When Maria Shriver Confronted Her About Arnold Schwarzenegger Son

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress and housekeeper has been in hiding since news broke that her son Joseph had been fathered by her employer, The Terminator and former Governor of California. Now she has given an interview and speaks out about when Maria Shriver confronted her about her affair and Arnold Schwarzenegger son.

Mildred Baena and Joseph

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s former housekeeper and mother of Arnold’s out-of-wedlock child (at least one of them) has broken her silence and given an interview to Hello! Magazine.

According to her interview, Arnold didn’t know that her child was his child until recently. That’s confusing seeing as he has set them up in a nice place and helped support them all these years. She also says when her mother told her son Joseph that Arnold was his father the teenager said ‘Cool!’ and is now looking forward to developing a relationship with his movie-star/governor/multi-millionaire father.

She says that Maria Shriver confronted her about whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger was Joseph’s father after Maria started hearing household gossip about the strong physical resemblance between the man of the house and the maid’s son. When Maria Shriver confronted Mildred Baena, she fell to her knees, confessed that she had had only a handful of ‘encounters’ with the Governator and that she was so sorry and loved Maria. Maria cried with her, comforted her and told her to get off her knees.

Mildred Baena went on to talk about how much she admires how well Maria Shriver has handled all this and how badly she feels for Arnold because he loves his wife, etc.

The problem is, of course, that is she had that much respect and love for Maria then why did she have sex with her husband. Just a little question as to the sincerity of her declaration of love and admiration for the family that she participated in tearing apart. Not to excuse Arnold of course. The same applies to him. How much DO you love your wife Arnold? How torn up ARE you about all this?

Can you just imagine the scene when Maria Shriver confronted Mildred Baena about whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger is the father of her son. That had to be just awful. The only sympathetic person in this whole affair is Maria Shriver – oh and her children with Arnold.

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