Motorcycle Secrets: The Legend Of Gremlin Ride Bells

Ever notice those little bells connected to the front wheel of a motorcycle? Well, there’s an interesting legend connected to them. It seems many bikers want a safe ride and want to wart off evil little ride gremlins who can cause mechanical failures or even accidents. And the little metal bells work to capture those evil little spirits inside where the clanging drives them insane and they lose their grip and fall helplessly to the road.

Some bikers believe that evil gremlins want to ride on their bike and cause mayhem or that new gremlins will try to jump on board the bike. The gremlin bell works to repel them.

They say if you receive a gremlin bell as a gift, then you get a double blessing of insurance against road gremlins. It’s nice to have a biker friend looking out for you in your rear-view mirror.

Hey, a little gremlin bell rides with this chopper built by Big Mike’s of Bend, Oregon.

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  • Mundane68

    Hey Paul, what is the purpose of those long leather lanyards hanging off of the right side of the handlebars on some road bikes?