Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Salt Lake TV Station Won’t Air NBC’s PLAYBOY CLUB

Where else but deep in the heart of Mormonville would a TV station refuse to air a new TV show on moral grounds that doesn’t even include nudity or objectionable material? But, KTV, a Salt Lake City affiliate of NBC which seems more interested in promoting the religious agenda of the Latter Day Saints Church than airing NBC programming has made a huge issue that it won’t air the new drama based on the 1960’s PLAYBOY Clubs while the company was at it’s peak.

KSL also supports “Out In The Light”, a front organization run by Mormon Church activists who are opposed to pornography although strict censorship laws in Utah means that very little pornography actually exists in the state. One single adult video store in an outskirts area of Utah was picketed by bus-loads of Mormons who drove many miles just to protest this one single business, only proving the fanatical, if not outright mental illness of some pornography opponents. The really pathetic thing is how many pornography opponents admit to having almost no sex life…..even if married.

But, the question remains just what in the world is KSL objecting to? THE PLAYBOY CLUB on NBC is only drama about the elite 1960’s club that was place for wealthy card holders to meet and enjoy live music, comedy and other entertainment. The old 1960’s PLAYBOY Clubs could hardly even be compared to even a modern day strip club. It was an elite club for the wealthy. An alternative country club of sorts for the urban jet set.

If NBC has made any mistake about programming THE PLAYBOY CLUB, it might be that many viewers just don’t care to watch. It’s certainly not a show about pornography. It’s a show about an elite key club only open to members only. And that may not prove all that interesting to many viewers. But, morality idiots will still likely be up in arms, merely opposed to any mere mention of the PLAYBOY brand name. And that’s pretty pathetic.

NBC should strongly consider yanking their contract with KSL to act as their affiliate. If this station doesn’t want to air standard programs run by NBC, and instead act as little more than just a mouthpiece for the Mormon Church, then they should just be honest and promote themselves as a religious channel. In terms of tools, KSL is a major one.

BTW, Mormon church members also morally object to coffee, Coke, Pepsi, alcohol, smoking, long hair or beards on men, and numerous other things, although Mormons had no moral objections to disguising themselves as Indians and murdering a bunch of settlers back in the 1800’s in a notorious incident. That incident alone should give this self-proclaimed religious group a Big Time Sissyass Lifetime Achievement Award. I know that KSL’s actions to commit breach of contract by refusing to air standard NBC programming certainly pale in the face of wholesale murder. Yet, their actions arise to some level of special cowardice and deserve just ridicule.

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  • fremont

    It sounds dull.  NBC has some good shows on USA and Sci FY but they seem to want to destroy their affiliates  with really dull stuff from the sixties.  There’s a reason their ratings are at the bottom.  Maybe they should find out if Alf is busy.

  • Anonymous

    what’s strange is that KSL won’t show SNL either. They show SNL on the CW here.