Sung-Bong Choi: Korea’s Got Talent Sensation (Video)

Have you heard Sung-bong Choi sing? He’s the Korea’s Got Talent sensation that stunned the audience during his performance not only with his voice, but with his life story. Read more about him below and watch the MUST SEE video of his audition!

Sung-bong Choi

When 22-year-old Sung-bong Choi stepped up to perform on Korea’s Got Talent he captivated the audience with his story. He has lived on his own since he was 5-years-old. He has slept in bathrooms and stairwells, sold gum on the streets and in nightclubs and done whatever he had to do to survive.

He told the judges he wasn’t a good singer, but that he liked singing. Then he started to sing and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Watch the Sung-bong Choi video below and see if you can keep a dry eye.

Sung-Bong Choi: Korea’s Got Talent Sensation – Video

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