Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Big Bust Model Busted

Where else but in Florida do government officials have nothing much better to do than spend endless hours and endless piles of taxpayer money investigating big busted models to lay a legal trap for them. But, that’s exactly what those fine big government watchdogs did in Florida, God bless em’.

For many years, Kimberly Kupps(real name Theresa Taylor, 55) had been a popular big bust mainstream porn model, featured on many websites and associated with several adult video companies. Even mainstream retailers like Tower Records sell her videos on their website. More recently the Taylors started their own website that only took in about $700 a month through $20 subscriptions offering exclusive Kimberly Kupps video downloads and photos for her fans.

And it seems that prosecutors and police were closely watching Teresa Taylor’s Twitter account, monitoring her comments to her 672 fans in the conservative leaning Polk County in Florida, looking for any reason to bust the big busted model. Prosecutors even posed as subscribers and downloaded six videos that were presented to former Miami Dade Community College graduate Judge Reinaldo Ojeda for his approval to bring obscenity charges against the couple. Polk County prosecutors actually spent three months investigating(or is that actually masturbating to) the videos that the Taylors produced before deciding to bring charges.

Both Theresa Taylor and her husband, Warren Taylor, were arrested and charged with a number of misdemeanor and felony charges related to the distribution of obscene material, even though the same sort of mainstream adult films as these type are perfectly legal for sale in most American cities. Adult material that simply includes nudity or sexual intercourse as these films do isn’t viewed as legally obscene in most places in the U.S. Someone should explain this fact to the community college graduate judge who personally thought that they were legally obscene under Florida state law. Then again, a judicial review of this community college graduate judge claimed that he’s still “learning”. Oh, that’s just great! A “trainee” judge thinks that films are obscene that aren’t viewed as obscene almost anywhere else in the U.S. -That’s plenty reassuring!

Theresa Taylor posted $7,500 bail to be freed from jail pending trial. Her husband is still in jail according to the latest reports. The website is still in business at this point, since the couple hasn’t yet been convicted of any obscenity law violations. Why obscenity charges were even brought against this couple is a very good question. Nothing on their website rates as extreme material by any means. This is just run of the mill adult material. Films featuring Kimberly Kupps are no doubt sold in Miami and other large cities in Florida. But, using “local community standards” mainstream adult material can be suppressed by local elected officials, prosecutors, police or judges. Is this what the Founding Fathers that wrote the U.S. Constitution really intended, that local politicos can suppress any sort of free speech that they personally object to, because the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court dominated by the appointees of Richard Nixon have ruled so in their narrow 5-4 decision? One judge later admitted that he was constitutionally wrong when he supported the majority for this decision.

Now, Teresa Taylor and her husband face huge legal bills over a website that only brought in a very small cash-flow. And since they used their home to produce some of the films, an important legal question remains whether their home could even be confiscated to the government upon conviction.

Virtually nowhere in the U.S. or the Western world would the Taylors ever be brought to trial for what they did, except in some parts of Florida. The Taylors just had the misfortune to live in a community ruled over by crummy prosecutors and judges who want to tell consenting adults how to behave in their own homes.

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