Will and Kate Make Kensington Palace Home

Will and Kate will make Kensington Palace home whenever they are in London. The newlywed royals aren’t having to rough it to say the least.

Kensington Palace

Will and Kate make Kensington Palace Home

And here I had the image of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton (now Princess Catherine), otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, living in a quaint little cottage somewhere in Anglesey, North Wales with her shopping and cooking for her new husband. She’s buying clothes at the higher end places regular people buy clothes and they are being frugal and all that. The People’s Princess and all that.

Well, as it turns out, the couple are taking up residence at Kensington Palace, the former home of the Kind and Queen William and Mary and of Princess Diana. Its the palace in which Prince William grew up and once was the primary location of the English court.

“The couple’s official London residence will temporarily become a property at Kensington Palace,” E! News quoted a spokesman for St. James’ Palace as saying Monday. “A number of options for longer-term solutions are still being considered. The couple’s main home will continue to be their house on Anglesey, [North Wales,] and their household office will continue to be based at St. James’ Palace

It looks like it will serve a persons basic needs for shelter at the very least. But not so! According to a representative of the couple the Kensington Palace is too small (!!!!!) to be considered for their long-term needs and they are looking for something more appropriate. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

“While it more than suffices for occasional visits to London for now, and the royal couple are very grateful for it, the duke and duchess are considering options for a more permanent official London residence. No suitable properties are currently available,” the representative said.

Okay, apparently some other royals live there as well and tWill and Kate will be relegated to a 2-bedroom apartment in the palace. In addition, there are expectations for them to do a lot of entertaining and taking on more official duties requiring them to have more space.

Whatever. I think I could manage at Kensington Palace. But that’s just me.

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