John Edwards Indicted For Felony Federal Election Fraud

Following in the footsteps of other failed presidential candidates whose lives have crumbled after failing to win the White House, John Edwards becomes the latest failed candidate to have his life fall into a freefall. In the shadow of a scandal where Edwards was reported to have spent over $925,000 in campaign funds to hide a mistress and a love child, the Federal government indicted the former senator on several felony charges.

One of the charges related to a conspiracy where huge amounts of cash were solicited from a millionaire 100 year widow far in excess of the $2300 limit. Stories are that this cash was sometimes hidden in chocolate candy boxes to conceal it, because the scheme was so illegal.

John Edwards life has been the subject of tabloid magazines of late because of so much scandal and the death of his wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

At one time, John Edwards was a rising political star in North Carolina, quickly rising to U.S. senator because he was such a powerful and persuasive trial lawyer, and his boyish good looks. Edwards was a major force in the revival of the Democratic Party in North Carolina, after the state politically realigned with the Republicans back around 1964. Now, he’s being indicted and could be sent to prison along with all the common crooks and criminals. That’s a huge fall from grace for a former political star.

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