A Motorcycle-Styled Motor Scooter

Not everyone likes to change gears on a motorcycle. In fact, gear changing can be where many first time motorcycle riders get themselves into some difficulty. Or, maybe you just like the lazy way of not having to shift gears. Regardless, Scooter Depot is offering a motor scooter based design with motorcycle styling that should please more than a few riders.

The Chinese-built design features the same sort of reliable CVT transmission design that you see in most other motor scooters, except in a motorcycle-styled frame. And the size is compact as well, and just as easy to park as other motor scooter. And for around $1600, this model offers a lot of fun potential for a very reasonable price. China builds more than half the world’s 50 million motorcycles each year, with many of their scooter and moped designs a very good value for the money. Some major companies like Honda rely on China to build their scooter engines because of their durability and proven design.

With $4 a gallon gas pretty much here to stay, the up to 80mpg fuel economy even puts those hybrid automobiles to shame. And the peppy 150cc engine has enough power to propel this guy to 60+mph, which is freeway legal most places. That’s not too bad!

Okay, it might not be some huge-ass engined Harley or something. But, hey, for some riders this ain’t too bad. It sure beats walking, huh? Check Scooter Depot’s Website out for this and more good toys, tailor-made for some Summer fun. It’s nearly June you know?

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