Troubled Actor Jeff Conaway Dies At 60

Jeff Conaway who appeared in both the movie GREASE as well as the TV series TAXI and later BABYLON 5 has died at the age of 60. He was hospitalized this week, but taken off life support once he appeared to be brain dead. Despite a respectable career as an actor, he eventually slipped into years of substance abuse problems.

By 2008, Jeff Conaway was featured Dr. Drew’s CELEBRITY REHAB program on VH1 because his drug and alcohol problems had grown so out of control. Conaway also appeared on Howard Stern’s program complaining that he was depressed because his 21 attempts at suicide were unsuccessful. It was a deeply sad final years for the troubled actor that finally ended this week.

Jeff Conaway had no children, although he had been married twice, including a marriage to Olivia Netwon-John’s sister. His latest relationship with a girlfriend was an on and off relationship, probably because of his own substance abuse problems.

Jeff Conaway once seemed so promising as an actor. And while never a top tier actor, he nonetheless gained some respect for his roles and will still be missed by many. But, it seems that his personal life just continued to unravel.

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  • Very sad to hear this Paul.  I went to college with his cousin, Keith Conaway.  They looked so much alike they could have been brothers.  Their family was religious, and though they were proud of his success, they were already concerned about his lifestyle and drinking problems, which were evident 25 years ago.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Michael. Indeed this is very sad news. Jeff Conaway was such a promising actor at one time, but his personal life seemed to be a big handicap.