Kelli McCarty Donates Miss USA 1991 Gown to Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief!

Kelli McCarty

Kelli McCarty is Miss USA 1991 turned porn star. She says her transformation from a beauty pageant queen to a porn star had to do with her love for acting and her love for sex. So how better to combine the two than to become a porn star after achieving the ultimate in beauty pageant celebrity than turning to porn after becoming Miss USA 1991?

Whatever the case, she has a heart for the people in Joplin, Missouri who have been devastated by tornadoes last week. She has put her most treasured possession up for auction in an attempt to help the people of Joplin, the gown she wore on the night she won the title of Miss USA in 1991.

The gown is listed at $5,000 currently and Kelli McCarty has told TMZ that whatever proceeds she gets from the gown will be donated to the Salvation Army in Joplin, Missouri.

Unfortunately, as yet, there have been no bids on her gown. So get over there an bid on that gown people!!!

Below you can enjoy a sexy photo shoot video of the lovely Kelli McCarty!

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  • Paul Hooson

    I’m always happy to hear stories where adult entertainment stars prove that they’re decent folks with a big heart. Too often, many in the public think that because they have sex on camera that they’re bad people or drug addicts with no self-respect. I personally know one adult star, who went under the name Chase Taylor for a Wicked Pictures and Evil Angel Pictures who is one of the nicest people in the whole world. One of her best friends was involved with Charlie Sheen, BTW. I’ve asked Chase Taylor if she would be willing to headline at the gentleman’s club I’m planning on opening in a few months. She’s beautiful, nice and has star power.