Very Worst Celebrity Moments: Charlize Theron’s Bizarre Mickey Mouse Story

Celebrities tell some outrageous stories. Sometimes you wonder why they do? And, beautiful actress Charlize Theron has an outrageous one to tell. While growing up in South Africa, her strict mother was often stressed doing housework such as cleaning and washing the clothes. One day while growing up, her mother told her to change her school clothes before having something to eat, but young Charlize decided to get a couple quicks sips of soup before she changed, but she didn’t, and she unfortunately got some soup on her good school clothes, meaning her mother would have to do extra laundry duty. Her mother was so mad that that she decided to make the punishment fit the crime, giving Charlize a nice little sharp whipping on the thighs with a wire coat hanger to make her remember the lesson. That no doubt hurt like Hell!

But even worse, Charlize’s mom one day decided to whip young Charlize for some more serious misbehavior with some Disney type coat hangers that had Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse shaped cutouts on them, raising a number of painful and sore Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse shaped welts on the future actress. The future actress was so impressed with her mom’s handiwork that she proudly showed off what she called her “war wounds” to her schoolmates at school the next day.

Well, thanks Charlize. You now shared the most unusual Disney story that we’ve ever heard. That’s one heck of a bizarre Mickey Mouse story!

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