Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Anti-Drug Legislator Arrested On Drug Charges

A Rhode Island state representative who made a special effort to be known as tough on drugs has been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Representative Robert Watson(R-RI) was driving his car which was randomly stopped at police sobriety checkpoint, and police immediately noticed a strong scent of marijuana smoke in the car, leading to the arrest of the state legislator.

Tests proved that the legislator’s blood alcohol level was below the legal limit. And the legislator now admits that he has in fact been using marijuana to treat a medical condition he claims to have, although the police acted with probable cause based on the strong marijuana scent in the car. The legislator claims that he hadn’t used marijuana that day, although the strong marijuana scent pretty much guts that claim.

Watson also claimed that he had several drinks that day, but wasn’t legally drunk, which the blood alcohol test did confirm that he was a little below the legal limit.

Hey, don’t you love legislators who are against things before they are for them? Where have we heard that one before? Nothing like electing hypocrites to office like Bob Watson, who use drugs themselves, but want to jail others who do the same thing, and then lie when they’re arrested themselves for laws that they helped to write. It takes all types it seems.

Here’s to you Bob Watson. Our latest Big Tiime Sissyass winner. Congrats!

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  • Lordshandor

    Nothin but hypocrites. Do as I say, ignore what I do.