How Long Before Charlie Sheen’s Broke?

Without a new large steady source of income such as his huge $1.25 million per episode from TWO AND A HALF MEN, it only seems like a matter of time before Charlie Sheen has financial troubles. Sheen reportedly borrowed $10 million from Warner Bros. at the start of this past season of the show. This seems incredible because it means that Sheen was already tearing through huge amounts of money even with the biggest weekly salary of any TV series star.

Sheen no doubt has plenty of assets and probably investments as well. But, his free spending ways will have to slow down significantly. He just can’t spend so freely without a new regular gig.

And the question remains that with so much erratic behavior this past year, will any producer want to take a chance on Sheen. Hasn’t he really hurt his marketability big time?

Financially, Sheen is no doubt fine for today and for tomorrow. But how long can that last? Something has to change.

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