Track Palin, Britta Hanson Marry in Small Alaskan Ceremony (Photos, Video)

Track Palin and Britta Hanson have gotten married in a small Alaskan ceremony. See a photo of the couple and a video below.

Track Palin, Britta Hanson Wedding

It may be springtime in the lower 48, but apparently its still pretty cold in Alaska judging from the wedding photos from Track Palin’s marriage to Britta Hanson. The couple have dated since high school and got married in a small, informal ceremony in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. As you can see from the pictures, the bride chose denim theme for the occasion.

Track Palin, 22-years-old, is the oldest of the Palin’s five children. He is an Iraq War veteran. He served there with the Ft. Wainwright Stryker Brigade and is currently with the Army Reserve. If you watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska then you know that Track has followed in his father’s footsteps and taken over the family’s commercial fishing business. He is said to be planning to attend the University of Alaska after fishing season.

Britta Hanson, 21-years-old, is the daughter of Rev. Duane and Elizabeth Hanson. She is a nursing student at the University of Alaska.

The couple are planning a larger marriage celebration this winter when family and friends can come for a long weekend of celebration and skiing at the Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska.

The parents put out a joint statement saying they couldn’t be happier for Track and Britta.

“The Hanson and Palin families are ecstatic and proud that Britta and Track married in one of our favorite spots in America, spectacular Hatcher Pass, Alaska,” says the statement. “It’s a site we’ve all shared fun memories of skiing, snowboarding, hiking and snowmachining.”

Congratulations to Track Palin and Britta Hanson on their marriage. You can see a video below.

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