The May 21 Rapture, The 2012 Election Results And More Outrageous Predictions

What’s a good celebrity scandal website without a nice feature on wild predictions. Well, those wild crystal ball readers and false prophets are working overtime it seems, offering up plenty of predictions the last few days. Self-proclaimed prophet Harold Camping might be chief among those who are going way out to make a wild prediction of the coming “rapture” on May 21. Strangely, Camping believes that it’s going to a “rolling” rapture, which will happen at 6:00pm everywhere, meaning that God somehow respects time zones. Okay? Now real crazy talk suddenly seems even more disturbing and wacky.

Strangely, not a single factor seems to be in place for any sort of a “rapture” to take place. Where’s the claimed anti-Christ? Where’s the nation of Israel surrounded by enemies about to close in on Jerusalem? Where’s a united Russia and China waging world war on the world as others claim is a prerequisite condition? None of these factor exist.

The Christian faith for all intents and purposes is a one-off religion based on the old Jewish faith, sometimes with some very bizarre followers . And the Jewish Old Testament prophet Ezekiel viewed a rescue by God as a necessary condition to prevent the fall of modern Jerusalem to after the modern state of Israel would be re-established in 1948. The prophet Ezekiel at least has had a 100% accuracy record predicting the history of Israel unlike other modern self-proclaimed prophets like Harold Camping.

Camping and some others think that 144,000 of the most faithful persons will be taken up to Heaven in their sleep, while others are not so sure. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seven Day Adventists believe that most persons will live forever on a renewed Earth with Jesus as their king and God the father as chief executive officer. At any rate, you can almost surely expect May 21 to come and go as any other day with nothing major happening and Camping and his followers looking for some new crazy explanation why the rapture just didn’t happen.

If believing in crazy rapture predictions isn’t your cup of tea, then you might be interested in some of those wacky Torah or Bible Code followers who now claim that the death of Osama bin Laden was foretold in the Torah Code. Yet, strangely it was only after the death of bin Laden that this information was revealed. Suddenly it appears that amazing Torah Code predictions are only revealed after they already happen. How utterly incredible!

And if wacky religious screwball predictions isn’t really your thing, then maybe you’ll be impressed with knowing the outcome of the 2012 presidential election and not having to wait. Justin Valuable likes to post updated electoral college prediction maps on-line. He claims at this point that President Obama losses by 217-321 to some unnamed Republican challenger. However, this includes some interesting predictions right here such as pretty reliable Democratic states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Mexico all voting Republican in 2012. Certainly, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida could be seen as swing states that could all vote GOP in 2012 dooming Mr. Obama’s re-election hopes. Ohio always pretty much determines the winner every presidential election. Whoever wins Ohio wins the election.

Justin Valuable bases his predictions on independent voters abandoning Mr. Obama in 2012 in droves because of high gas prices, high food prices and a view that the economy hasn’t really improved very much under his watch. Certainly a lagging economy sank the re-election hopes of both Jimmy Carter and George Bush 1, both of which lost many voters for their failed re-election attempts.

Predictions are always interesting. However, some predictions such as a 2010 one that the U.N. will appoint a delegate to space aliens has proved itself real wrong. The U.N. just hasn’t had any contact with E.T. so far, so please tell him to phone home soon, huh? Okay?

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