Osama bin Laden’s Sexy Mistress

Sexy Kola Boof, the Egyptian-Sudanese-American author and poet was the claimed former mistress of Osama bin Laden. While claiming that she was never a sex slave like a story that is circulating that bin Laden also kept a Pakistani women as a sex slave, Kola Boof does admit to a sexual relationship with the former terrorist leader. Boof was also a former spy at one time, working for the SPLA organization (Sudan People’s Liberation Army).

Kola Boof freely flaunts nudity on her own autobiographical website where she tells much more of her own amazing life story. She also refers to herself as a “womanist”, which seems to mean that she’s a sort of feminist. Kola Boof also views the Arab Muslim religion as being oppressive of women in Africa, being an even worse evil than “Western imperialism”. She subscribes to more traditional African women’s religions instead.

It’s an amazing story, how one woman was once the sexual companion of one of the world’s most wanted men. Kola Boof has many radical political views, so it only seems that her life would involve much controversy. But, she’s an intelligent woman who has many opinions. And she takes pride in being sexy as well.

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  •  That’s what I’m talking about showing my girl some proper LOVE! I use my real name and say it in print: she’s my womanist icon and a true inspiration to me she’s saved the day many days and we have yet to meet. Historical, hysterial, funny, profane. Kola Boof is a GENIUS self-taught writer, professional cook, doting loving protective mother of two sons. She’s LOVE!