Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Pennsylvania School Punishes Students Wth Cafeteria Food

How God awful are those cafeteria sandwiches? Well, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania it now appears that one school is punishing students by having them eat those cafeteria sandwiches. WTF? It appears that some students were complaining about the awful quality of the hot lunches, so then school officials decided to punish those students by having them eat those cold cafeteria sandwiches instead.

Memo to the school in Harrisburg: If your food is so God awful terrible that you consider it a punishment by merely serving it, then maybe you actually need to improve the food. When your food actually ranks right there with detentions, the paddle, writing lines and other classic school punishments it ought to tell even half-conscious school officials something.

No wonder kids will risk detention by leaving the campus to find a nearby fast food joint. That must be like fine dining by comparison. When your school cafeteria food isn’t much better than thumbscrews or the iron maiden, and kids set escape plans just short of digging tunnels to McDonalds it should be pretty clear that something is seriously wrong in the school’s kitchen.

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