Leave it up to American book and magazine distributors like Barnes & Noble and Borders. But, they became overly skittish over the cover of the latest issue DOSSIER which featured androgynous model Andrej Pejic topless so they took liberties to censor the magazine in their stores.

BTW, Barnes & Noble and Borders, Andrej Prejic is male you know, but with some definite fine features similar to a beautiful woman. He’s a dude, although “dude looks like a lady”! Yet, you have to ask Barnes & Noble and Borders why some dude wearing George Washington’s powdered wig topless makes the photo so darn offensive to display in their stores? WTF?

Congratulations, Barnes & Noble and Borders you just moved society back into the late 1800’s where men wore near full body bathing suits that covered nearly the whole body except for the hands and face. That’s some way cool social advancement mojo you got working! Those Morality In Media morons would be so proud of your effforts, Barnes & Noble and Borders, making you guys honorary members!