NBC has officially canceled the ailing LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES series that it hoped would be able to freshly build on the popularity of the old LAW AND ORDER series which ran for 20 seasons. Producer Dick Wolf even tried unsuccessfully to retool the show, by promoting excellent actor Alfred Molina into a more central role in the show, but to no avail.

The show’s demise represents a real embarrassment for both Dick Wolf and NBC, proving what a mistake it was to cancel the successful old Law & ORDER series and quickly offer this replacement without a pilot show to prove whether the new concept worked or not. Because of his strong relationship with NBC, the network simply acted on trust that Dick Wolf’s new show would be a success. There wasn’t a decent attempt to really examine whether the new LAW & ORDER spin-off was really good or not. You can’t really schedule shows without a little more thought than this.

LAW & ORDER: SVU will continue next year on NBC as the sole remaining part of the franchise. LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT is ending it’s series over at NBC’s sister USA Network site.

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  • Richard

     thank you RSK. Yes, it was a stupid decision to put it up on that time slot. Don’t they remember that is what killed the mothership last year? They thought SVU could benefit from the Wednesday at 10 slot. SVU has got its chance. Lets face it, the ratings might be steady, but they will never increase again, 12 years into it. But LOLA could have. Sad, too. I hated those first 8 episodes mor ethan I hate SVU. But after the reboot, it is honestly the best scripted drama on network television (nothing beats Breaking Bad). The writing/directing is so much better and the cast fits so much better now too. Oh well. Just dont underwstand why NBC would go through the trouble of revamping and promoting it, and then put it on a certain to fail time slot. Oh well.