Fox Cancels 5 Shows Including Fan Favorite ‘Lie To Me’

Fox Cancels Shows

Fox recently made some pretty drastic announcements in terms of their 2011-2012 TV lineup.  They announced that five shows (including fan favorite Lie To Me) have been cancelled. And if you are at all familiar with Fox’s track record when it comes to broadcasting “quality” content, the shows that they cancelled should come as no surprise. Not because they were bad, but because they were too good.

The shows that Fox cancelled include Human Target (an action-drama), Traffic Light (a romantic comedy), Lie to Me (a crime drama), Breaking In (an office-place comedy), and the Chicago Code (another crime drama).  No doubt these 5 relatively clever scripted shows were canceled to make room in Fox’s lineup for more mediocre reality shows about singing teens and celebrity couples.

I will admit that some of these cancellations have room for justification. Traffic Light is a half-hearted attempt to recreate the success of other comedies about young singles such as Friends and Seinfeld. The comedic writing just didn’t quite cut it and the show–despite its funny moments–never managed to gain a large enough of a fan base.

And the cancellation of Breaking In (a so-so attempt to recreate the workplace comedic genius of The Office) is also somewhat justifiable. In my opinion TV has been waiting for a good Christian Slater vehicle, I’m just not sure this was it. The show definitely needed more time to develop the characters. Then maybe…

But with Lie to Me, I think that Fox flat out got it wrong. Lie to Me is a dramatic series about a psychologist who is–in essence–a human lie detector. He can read clues in a person’s face, body and voice–very helpful when trying to identify liars in a criminal investigation. This could be such a good show if it was just given time to develop. Tim Roth is a great Cal Lightman, and is really believable in the character. His, second in command, Kelli Williams is perfect as his sidekick and really plays off of Roth’s character and personality well.

Overall, the acting in Lie to Me is very good and the characters are believable and have great chemistry together. The plots of some episodes were a little shaky, but I think that would have worked itself out in the next couple of months if given the time to grow.

Too bad Fox, you got it wrong on this one. Lie to Me could have been a great show.

This guest post is by Edwin Daniels who blogs at USdish. You can also follow him on Twitter: @Edandish.

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  • Jazzrm

    I really liked Human Target. Fox got that wrong too!

    • Human Target should have been given the chance to grow … Lie to Me “was” a decent show but decended into political correcness and liberal dogma plot lines that where getting worse and worse … good riddance …

      • Ethanbradek

        What the fuck are you talking about, moron?

      • Fred Godders

        Lie To Me was the greatest show to hit TV until 24 sadly ended!!
        Human Target was a failed attempt at a action drama.
        Lie To Me did not need more time, it was already amazing!!
        There are some shows on now that are absolutely pathetic and boring! I rather watch crummy soap operas!! 

  • Good riddance to your face.

  • #uncancelLieToMe

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

      • TerryBovee

         Fox that just stinks your bad!!

  • Karp88

    Get rid of American idol that show is poor quality always gets rid of well written shows and keeps the trash

  • I love your support of Lie to Me!! WELL SAID!!

  • Connie

    I loved Lie To Me & Chicago Code. I’m so disappointed that both great shows have been cancelled. What is Fox thinking?

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  • Selenamarie529

    I recorded every episode of Lie to Me…and I don’t watch a lot of TV… Poor choice by FOX!

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  •  sorry to see Human Target be cancelled – it was kind of like a little Bond movie every hour.

  • MrsMurphy

    I cannot believe that Lie to Me was cancelled!
    The stupid people get their shows, like The Hills or anything with the Kardashians, a Hilton, or a Sheen.  Why can’t intelligent people get a television show that is entertaining?

    Wait, I know, because TV writers, and in-turn the networks, cater to the lowest common denominator.  Instead of trying to elevate the intelligence of the common public with thought-provoking drama, they settle for shallow, transparent plots and stupid fart jokes.  How very sad.

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  • Thanks for your kind words about Lie To Me. Still can’t believe FOX axed it. It was their own fault for it not succeeding. Pairing it with House on Mondays was a great concept, but then they never advertised the show..

  • Sonja

    Lie to me is brilliant. I don’t understand what the problem of FOX is (less promotion leads to less viewers). Lie to me got the groove. I will miss it! Love(d) it!

  • Save Lie to me! The most interesting and exciting show! Fans fromRussia asking to extend the series!

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  • Meandjulio04

    I HATE Fox….Lie to Me was a AWESOME show. 

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  • Cnewz

    Loved Human Target, really liked Traffic Light and Breaking In.

    The networks let me down more and more every year.

  • C Flynn13

    This sucks. Tim Roth is a bad-ass. I can’t believe considering all the
    bad tv shows out there fox cancelled Lie to Me for a bunch of wogwash
    shows. I for one will sorely miss it. I can’t wait to see what else
    Timothy Roth is in. Lie to me, yeah same premise…but so is House. You
    don’t watch it for the main part(catching the liar/finding the disease)
    you watch it for the back-story. And this back-story was just gaining
    ground. Nearly as bad as ABC, FOX. Already Been Canceled, before it can
    catch or gain any ground. What happens to Emily? What about the
    Lightman group? You really think the replacement shows will do better?
    Stick with Family Guy and some non-sense shows, but keep Lie To Me, FOX,
    otherwise…all you got is sports and some bullsh*t news.

    • Fionalorimer

      join the facebook page “Hey Fox, don’t cancel Lie to Me”. 

  • Don

    The problem is fox does all these reality shows that suck but get huge ratings, cost nothing to make and make a fortune in ad revenue.  Shows with some substance cant survive they cost money to make and not popular with the teens and the mindless majority. 

    • Chachachelsie

      Look, I’m 14 and I loved Lie to Me, so putting teens in the mindless majority party is a little offensive. I know more adults than teens that watch crappy reality TV.

      • EatMeFox

        Good for you cha. Thank you for not being one of the mindless many that watch reality tv.  Whoopeee, why should I care about some crybaby that has to go get a massage because her shoes got wet in a puddle.  Who cares!!!!????!!!!

  • Mpsf1200

    What a mistake – I really liked The Chicago Code, Human Target & Lie To Me!

  • Jnico2010

    i’ll never watch another fox program……what complete morons. how could you possibly cancel the best show on t.v but continue to leep a turd in the punch bowl like american idiots…..errrr idol. fox wouldnt know a good show if the fans told them one……oh thats right we have!! 

  • T2graphicdesign

     Great they cancelled “Lie to Me” to make room for more garbage. Now why are more people like me watching stuff on HBO, FX, showcase etc.??? Go figure!

  • Reelfever

    with all the trash on TV … sick of “so called” reality shows… you idoits take off a smart  show.  

  • EatMeFox

    Oh yes please more whining and bitching reality shows. God forbid anyone watch a show that makes them think.  You’re a bunch of assholes FOX, I’m done with your shitty network.  You’ve cancelled more shows that I liked than anyone else, but you let that dumbass “Lost” show carry on and on into complete stupidity.

  • M.C.

    Please don’t cancel Lie to me……… it’s my favorite show please!!

  • Brenda Lea Jones

    It is not one I have told but one that I almost fell subject to. In an effort to pull of the biggest scheme ever since the beginning of Television I believe that FOX has lied to us all about canceling one of the most innovative shows they have ever had the privilege of airing. Lie to Me canceled….really did you think for one minute Fox would be so condescending to their loyal fans and lead them to believe that they would actually drop one of our most loved shows on aire today? Shame on you Fox…Consider your self caught in your web of lives. I can proudly say I have joined the Lightman group. 

  • Veteranwolfplayer

    FOX, you can´t cancel “Lie to Me”! Is one of the better series had made.

  • Save lie to me

    Here you can vote to ask FOX to Renew Lie To Me For Another Season:

  • Christinaproefrock

    this show was amazing why do you have to keep reinventing the wheel and coming up with all your stupid sleazy ideas and keep with the basics in which what only 7 million viewers queued into every week who liked a show that made your brain work a little bit towards..wrong choice FOX

  • Guest

    Bring Lie to Me back!! Its so good!

  • Cody

    PLEASE.. PLEASE… PLEASE…. bring back lie to me…. i’m going through WITHDRAWS HERE!!!! Thats the most informative interesting show with a side dish of funny, and parenting, and all the above! I think the show is phenomenal! please fox, netflix, SOMEBODY, get tim roth and the whole crew back…  I don’t even watch tv but for news… Just when I finally could set down and look forward to a show that I genuinely liked, fox shuts it down. Damn it fox!

  • Cody

    If you’ve watched Lie to me, then you’ll know the episode where he says. “LET THERE BE LIGHTMAN!” That was HILARIOUS! I SAY TO YOU FOX RIGHT NOW, LET THERE BE LIGHTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shar the Kiwi

    I’m pleading too. Please please please bring back “Lie To Me” I rarely turn the tele on these days due to all the crap “reality” bull. So to see a fantastic show with some spunk and guts is very refreshing.
    Stop saturating us with “Kardashian Krap” and give us substance. You really did get this one wrong Fox!!

  • I know the show has already been cancelled but I had the opportunity to watch the show on NetFlix and I am one who needs to be challenged in a show. This show highly intrigued me and I was always interested in the next show. I find it a shame that they cancelled it. Is there a possibility to relook at it and bring it back?
    All of my neighbors and their friends have watched the show and are as well highly disappointed in FOX.

  • sky

    Lie to me was amazing that’s the only show I watch season to season episode to episode. im so bummed that it’s canceled because i really enjoyed now i watch nothing because it wasn’t as interesting as lie to me. the show taught you but kept you interested I thought the show was good for anyone. it is such a shame that fox can’t see how much people appreciated that show.

    i would love it if the show returned i think it would be awesome!!!!!

  • fuck U fox don’t cancel the lie to me

  • I could give a crap about reality TV and all the singing and dancing, who cares! A great show like Lie to Me was awesome and should never have been canceled.. The show had a great team, lots of love, decent story line, but the good doctor/lie was the best! Love the show, in fact it’s very popular in Europe….so with new viewers, so why don’t they bring it back?

    Really bummed such a great show was canceled for some other stupid reality shows!

  • Riss7007

    I hope Lie To Me gets picked up by another station. Fox clearly does not know what to do with solid television programming.

  • lucille

    French people love lie to me! in facebook group : 2 843 179 J’aime · 10 240 personnes en parlent !
    ans it’s only for one group!

  • Lie to me should never have been ditched, Its a show with drama and intelligence how can fox be so idiotic to dump such great chemistry between actors and the story line was just incredible. common fox get it together and realize that you threw the baby out with the bath water when you ditched this show now common before its too late bring it back. from Sara… Australia

  • Lie to me TT_TT