Prince William, Kate Middleton Honeymoon in The Seychelles

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have jetted off to honeymoon in The Seychelles.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Wedding

Those crazy Windsors! Or Cambridges or Waleses or whatever their last name is have secretly jetted off on a honeymoon to the island chain of The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. First they announced they were delaying their honeymoon and then snuck off to a chain of 115 islands to make it hard for the paparazzi to find them and intrude on their privacy.

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Apparently they really DO want to be left alone.

They are said to have found a remote location that is idyllic for their planned 10-day honeymoon.


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I have a sinking feeling that Prince William and Kate Middleton are not going to be great fodder for the tabloids. Nothing like the previous generation of royals who were one long steady stream of tabloid fodder.

That’s probably a happy thing for Queen Elizabeth II, but its dreadful for gossips. They seem to be mature, taking their marriage and obligations of State seriously and actually seem to love each other. That is all well and good, but then what is there to gossip about? I suppose we’ll have to look to their younger siblings for royal news. But even Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have been sadly lacking in the scandalous behavior department lately. Well, there’s always Sarah Ferguson.

I’m just kidding, of course (sort of). We wish Prince William and Kate Middleton and long and happy marriage and genuinely hope that they are left alone while they honeymoon in The Seychelles.

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