Taco Bell’s Cheesy Double Decker Taco Gets An F

Taco Bell has sure struck out big time this time. I couldn’t even eat one of Taco Bell’s new Cheesy Double Decker Taco without a feeling of nausea. It was simply the worst fast food version of Mexican food that ever I’ve eaten in my entire life. And I love Mexican food. I need to show Taco Bell how to cook good Mexican food. They could learn something from me.

For starters, this new monstrosity from Taco Bell looks absolutely nothing like the product in their ads. I know that for 89cents you can’t expect a lot. But, there is almost no meat in these tacos, mostly beans. And these tacos are about as dry as the Mohave desert as well. And the sauce from Taco Bell didn’t help much either, it was horrid as well, almost no real taste just way too much spice. I just wasn’t impressed at all. This was the worst fast food I’ve eaten in a long time. By contrast, Taco Del Mar will custom wrap their excellent tacos in a nacho wrap similar to this horrid mess from Taco Bell, and unlike Taco Bell’s version, the Taco Del Mar version actually tastes very good.

The Bottom Line: If you like your Mexican food dry, tasteless and downright nauseating, then this new Cheesy Double Decker Taco mess is for you. But, for most normal people, avoid this awful new entry like the plague. BTW, any similarity between the product you actually get and the product featured in the Taco Bell ads appears to be merely coincidental. What I had wasn’t good at all. Grade: F

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