Meredith Vieira Announces Her Retirement From TODAY

As expected, Meredith Vieira announced that she will retire to spend more time with her husband who has had some medical issues. Ann Curry will be promoted to co-host with Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales will move in to the news desk. It appears so far that some early rumors that Matt Lauer would also depart were wrong. He appears to be staying with the show at least through the end of his contract.

THE TODAY SHOW needs this stability. As the top morning news show, it gives NBC one of few bright spots in it’s schedule where some of it’s shows run as poorly as fourth place in the ratings, behind CBS, ABC and FOX.

Vieira leaves THE TODAY SHOW in June and will be greatly missed. She is also the host of the syndicated version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE as well, but so far there is no information on the fate of that show or whether Vieira will continue to host that. But, she’s a very nice person. And, I’m sure that everyone here at Wizbang Pop wishes her the very best.

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