Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Will Enter A No Contest Plea Tuesday

Facing probable conviction for a grand larceny jewelry theft related charge, Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer, Shawn Holley, will enter a “no contest” plea on her behalf tomorrow in Los Angeles court clearing the way for Lohan to serve a 120 home confinement with a monitor sentence. In reality, due to overcrowding in the Los Angeles jail system as well as “good time” figured in, Lohan probably gets as few as 14 days of home confinement, which isn’t too bad for considering the value of the jewelry involved.

Lohan’s lawyer will enter the plea on her behalf to avoid another circus day at the courthouse where extra sheriffs and security are needed to control all of the extra reporters and journalists and sightseers. It’s as if the Los Angeles courts are being punished themselves for having a celebrity trial of this sort.

So let this be a lesson you dastardly would be thieves: Steal more than a $1,000 in Los Angeles and prepare to spend two weeks at home similar to some grade school kid who’s just been grounded by their parents, except you call watch TV, go on-line, text, and do everything the kid can’t do. Who says Los Angeles isn’t real tough on crime. No wonder the city is so successful deterring drugs and gangs and has practically no crime at all!

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