The Los Angeles Lakers Sure Hurt Their Moms On Mother’s Day

The Los Angeles Lakers sure knew how to disappoint their moms on Mother’s Day. They turned in one of the most stinking playoff performances of all time, in their crushing 36 point loss to the Dallas Mavericks. The crushing loss was also a sour send-off to the final head coaching game of Phil Jackson as well. It’s too bad his children were invited to watch this.

The Dallas Mavericks proved real strength in their convincing 122-86 crushing defeat of the Lakers at home to win the series 4-0. Previously, the Lakers were the NBA champions the last two years, meaning that the NBA will have a new champion this year.

But in all seriousness, the lopsided loss of the Lakers was so shocking because the team hardly appeared to be competitive against the Dallas team, totally outmatched in every aspect of the game. As bad as this loss was for the Lakers, it actually wasn’t quite as bad as one 39 point playoff loss to Boston some many years ago. But, a good son should never make his mom cry on Mother’s Day. And the Lakers sure did that today.

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