Hot Veiless Babes! Osama bin Laden’s Sexy Niece?

Wafah Dufour couldn’t be more upset at her close relative Osama bin Laden. The 35 year old beauty changed her last name from bin Laden after her relative made a famous name for himself with the 9/11 attacks which completely horrified the Los Angeles born Wafah who holds a degree in law and lists her occupations as a singer among other things. A few years ago, GQ Magazine featured the attractive Wafah Dufour in a very sexy photo feature including nude in a bathtub. Her infamous uncle certainly would have not approved of this. He’d probably turn over in his watery grave.

You guys in the West don’t know how great it is to live here. Some guys can only dream about veiless babes. In this day and age, many guys still go to bed horny in the world.

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