Henry Cavill: ‘Immortals’ Movie Trailer Video and Photo

The first ‘Immortals’ movie trailer video and photo have been released online. The official trailer will be coupled with Thor in theaters. Check out the photo and video below.

Immortals: Henry Cavill

If you liked ‘300’, are into Greek mythology, love films about antiquity all mixed up with special effects and think Henry Cavill is smokin’ hot, then you are probably going to love ‘Immortals’. That is judging from the first trailer that has been released.

Henry Cavill will star as Theseus who battled the Titans in Greek mythology. The ‘Immortals’ trailer is set to show in theaters with Thor and is scheduled to be in theaters on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11).

See Henry Cavill photos.

Read more about Henry Cavill in ‘Immortals’ here and enjoy the video trailer below thanks to EW.


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