Shania Twain Memoirs: ‘From This Moment On’ Recalls Abuse, Betrayal and Finding Her Voice Again (Video)

Shania Twain is back. She has written her memoirs and revealed her difficult childhood, the betrayal of her husband, the loss of her voice and then finding her voice again and moving forward in her life. The Shania Twain memoirs, ‘From This Moment On’ are a revealing look into the extraordinary life of the country music star. See photos of her at a book signing and hear her talk about it in a video below.

Shania Twain

For the first time Shania Twain is sharing details of her difficult childhood and her reaction to the betrayal of her husband who is alleged to have had an affair with her best friend Mari-Anne Thiébaud, ending their marriage. She had been married for 14 years to music producer Robert (Mutt) Lange. She slipped from the public eye after that, saying she had lost her voice. Now she is back and telling her fans more about her life, who she is and where she is going from here in her memoirs ‘From This Moment On’.

Now the 45-year-old singer says she has learned from the lessons of her life and that people should wear their scars like a badge because you have lived through it.

Twain married Frédéric Thiébaud earlier this year, He is the ex-husband of her former best friend who had an affair with her first husband. She says their common struggle through the affair and the destruction of their marriages brought them together and she admired how he had dealt with the situation.

It sounds like she has struggled through a lot of trauma in her life and is coming back stronger than ever. Its good to have her back.

See the Shania Twain photos below (from a book signing in New York City a couple of days ago) and a video of her talking about her book with Nightline.

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