Natasha Wang Wins 2011 U.S. Pole Dancing Championship

The U.S. Pole Dancing Federation has recognized Natasha Wang as the top awards winner for 2011. The sport which grew from it’s roots with nightclub strippers as barroom entertainers has grown into a true athletic sport because of the high skills involved in the sport. Natasha Wang danced to her own choreographed routine, and bested many other challengers in the competition held on May 2.

Congratulations to Natasha Wang who has helped to elevate this sport to far more than just some drooling guys stuffing dollar bills into G-strings of half naked dancers at the neighborhood bar. Now, these same guys might be viewed as serious judges for a serious athletic competition. No telling how long before pole dancing becomes an Olympic event though.

BTW, I’m more than willing to offer myself as a judge for the 2011 lap dancing championships. You don’t have to thank me. I’m a totally selfless person, although some lap dancers sure know how to rub a guy the right way.

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  • epador

    Why do the Poles get all the fun? What about us Swedes?