DVD Review: Seth Rogen’s GREEN HORNET Debuts On DVD And 3D Blu-Ray Today

Although Seth Rogen’s GREEN HORNET has been reviewed before here as a film when it was new and in theaters, it’s worthwhile to take another look at this DVD release. As could be expected, Seth Rogen is totally miscast in any true action movie, so this version of THE GREEN HORNET gets largely played up for laughs, although there is still plenty of action here. However, unlike BATMAN, SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN or any of the more serious action superhero enterprises, it would be hard to see many sequels coming from this lukewarm comic send-up of classic crime fighter tale that started as a radio show back in 1936.

Although, THE GREEN HORNET television series ran just one season, it was far more true and faithful to the original radio story than this latest Seth Rogen project. The original “Black Beauty” car from the television series was a customized 1966 Imperial Crown which cost $50,000. It was a beautiful custom from master car customizer Dean Jeffries. The 2011 Seth Rogen film also featured a customized 1960’s vintage Imperial as “The Black Beauty” as well, but with some more wild features such as machine guns that would pop out from under the hood.

Taiwanese singer-musician Jay Chou really shined in this film as Kato, the sidekick of The Green Hornet. His acting was worthy enough to compare with the legendary Bruce Lee who played the role in the TV series.

For the $120 million dollar investment budget on the film, THE GREEN HORNET did gross more than $228 million in return which is pretty good and a hit by any standard, although the film is far from any masterpiece. Yet, as a popcorn movie, THE GREEN HORNET is acceptable enough of a film to enjoy for the thrills as well as laughs, as it provides a lot of both. The Blu-Ray comes as a three disc set with a 3D Blu-Ray version of the film, along with a 2D Blu-Ray as well as a DVD version of the film. There’s a cool cutting room floor game included that allows viewers to edit their own car chase scene as well as other cool features included in the Blu-Ray package all for a $49.95 list price. Naturally, two cheaper Blu-Ray and DVD release versions will be available as well.

The Bottom Line: If you’re a sucker for 3D films(as I am) then you’ll probably want to lighten your wallet by nearly $50 springing for this major 3D release. However, if you’re looking for a film really worthy of the 3D treatment here, then you’re leave a little bit disappointed. THE GREEN HORNET isn’t a great film. It has good moments. But, it’s no masterwork. ++1/2 stars, or a little better than fair, or a little less than good. If you want to collect 3D films, then buy this one. Otherwise, look for $1 Redbox machine and rent this movie once to be satisfied.

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