Lara Logan’s 60 MINUTES Interview Airs This Sunday

CBS has leaked a few details of the upcoming interview that brutalized reporter Lara Logan will offer this Sunday about her brutal beating and sexual assault during the uprising in Egypt back on February 11. Lara Logan claims that this will be the last time that she addresses the violent incident because she doesn’t want her whole life to be defined by the horrible crime and wants to return back to foreign reporting like she did before. Lara Logan was always one of the very best of the foreign reporters in the business.

Logan claims in the upcoming interview that up to 200 or 300 men might have participated in the violent attack which might have lasted about 40 minutes. Lara Logan said that she expected to die in violence that would drag on for an extended period as a “torturous death” and that her “clothes were torn to pieces” and she was “raped” with the hands of attackers. She was especially struck at how “merciless” the attackers were, who “really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence”.

Looking as beautiful as ever, which is a healthy sign of healing injuries, publicly clearing the air about her brutal attack while working on a report from a world hot zone, the interview will be a major event that should draw huge ratings as the American public was so outraged that Western reporters could be so brutalized while reporting the news in Egypt. The attack on the reporter might be the most important story of violence to a major journalist since war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by Japanese machine gun fire while reporting on the war in the Pacific in 1945.

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