Donald Trump Proves That Bad Tabloid Newspaper Stories Make For Even Worse Politics

Trashy tabloid newspapers regularly run absurd fictional stories they claim are real news about UFOs landing on the White House lawn, half-human, half bat hybrid creatures, kittens arrested for murder, as well as foolish stories claiming that the President is a Muslim or that he wasn’t born in the United States. While serious political figures look for serious political issues, businessman and CELEBRITY APPRENTICE host, Donald Trump has unfortunately gained a little traction among a few gullible persons recently by seizing upon an absurd story run by THE GLOBE tabloid.

Yesterday, the White House once again had to make public the birth certificate of the President, because of Trump’s continued efforts to promote The GLOBE story as though it was fact. Once again, the latest birth certificate release proved the same as it always had, that the future President was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. But, this latest release of the birth certificate didn’t prevent Trump from claiming that the birth certificate should have been released much earlier.

The fact of the matter is the birth certificate has always been pretty public in any Google search since at least 2008. Further, CBS news and other news sources have already proven that the HONOLULU STAR ran a live birth announcement based on the hospital’s release of information to them two weeks after the birth, which is a common practice because of some babies dying shortly after birth. But, none of these facts prevented Trump from going on his misinformed media blitz and the media seemed to respond by always allowing him an opportunity to speak.

So the question is how can a man with as money as Donald Trump be so stupid as to believe some foolish tabloid newspaper story when a wealth of facts exist to down that story, and then get himself booked to a number of TV publicity appearances to pander his ignorance. Only for the sake of Trump being a celebrity himself can he seriously get himself signed to any TV appearance, even if what he wants to talk about is completely ignorant nonsense.

Serious politicians often have difficulty getting enough press attention for the good things they do or real news about serious issues that actually affect the community they serve. Trump proved just the opposite is true for him. A celebrity, even if he’s half crazy, or very poorly informed, can easily get publicity, even for his own crazy and wholly misinformed opinions. Charlie Sheen also proved that recently as well.

If Donald Trump ever seriously had any real serious political ambitions, then he probably more than dashed them where his craziness should be pretty apparent to all but a few crazies out there who still believe that every word of THE GLOBE tabloid is Gospel. But, likely Trump never was very serious to begin with, but just another media sideshow, just like Charlie Sheen was the week before Trump started his crazed media blitz. The media and public just seem to love to laugh at a celebrity crackpot. And bad comb-over and all, Donald Trump is just the latest celebrity joke out there. He’s managed to lose probably billions in business since the divorce from his wife Ivana, his adultery and other problems only further proving that he’s a two-faced liar. Only the fact that he inherited a lot of money, although losing a lot of it himself, makes him wealthy and not selling insurance somewhere. Other than his inherited money, Trump is no role model at all. His true believer belief in THE GLOBE story is pretty fair evidence that Trump’s not very bright as well.

The fact that the White House had to make public the birth record information once again is a sad commentary that a small percentage of the public is gullible enough to fall for foolish tabloid stories and not intelligent enough to distinguish that the stories in many tabloids are often works of fiction rather than genuine news such as a real news story run by the AP or another news agency. But, in a nation where as many 50% of Americans never graduate from high school in major cities, and a growing segment of the public lives on some form of public assistance because they lack the basic skills to be self-supporting, the U.S. is showing all signs of rapidly declining as a major leading nation in the world. Despite a growing wealth of Internet based information, many American’s grasp of basic knowledge and skills with reading and math only continue to decline. For whatever reason, enough of the American public seems intellectually challenged enough to believe tabloid stories like the bat boy one or other tabloid fiction that it left a market for Donald Trump to speak for. And for about 15 minutes, Donald Trump was able to tap into that mentality for a little publicity for himself. Now, that 15 minutes is over.

Maybe the only real winner here is NBC. CELEBRITY APPRENTICE should be more popular than ever because Trump made a damn fool of himself, proving that no publicity, no matter how bad, is really bad publicity.

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