Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Party Plans

Pippa Middleton is Kate Middleton’s younger sister. She helps run her parent’s party business as an events planner and is planning a party for the Royal Wedding that has the Royal Family a little on edge. Read about it below.

Pippa Middleton

The Brits are a bit up in arms over the plans of Pippa Middleton to throw a 70s themed party at the Palace on Friday night, after the Queen’s dignified reception. The party which is planned for 300 of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s closest friends and family is aimed to be ‘young and cool’ and includes glitter balls and bacon butties in the throne room of Buckingham Palace. Specifically, they will use his caterer rather than the one Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton had chosen.

The thing that has the Brits out of sorts is that in spite of the disapproval of the Palace, the Middleton’s have won the day and the party will be had as Pippa has planned it – with a few modifications at the insistence of Prince Charles who is footing the bill. Basically, they got their way because Prince William stepped into the fray and said it’s her party, she can do what she wants to.

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So, for the post-royal-wedding party after the Queen’s reception after the wedding, the throne room will be transformed into a 70s-style nightclub with glitter balls and whatever the hell bacon butties are.

What has the monarchy come to that a commoner, albeit a commoner who is now the future Queen of England, can get her way over the will of the Palace? Well. She IS the future Queen of England.

Get a grip people. Its just a party given by a new generation royalty. And whether you like it or not. The Middleton’s are now the shirt-sleeve relatives of the royal family and Kate Middleton will one day be your Queen.

I think the soon-to-be Maid of Honor, Lady-in-Waiting and Sister to the future Princess Catherine, Pippa Middleton’s Royal Wedding party plans sound like a lot of fun.

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