BRIDESMAIDS, which will open at theaters on May 15, sure looks like a raunchy good time film based on some new trailer films circulating on the Web. It looks like just the sort of “chick flick” that guys might also like. From some of the same writers, producers and directors associated with SUPERBAD, KNOCKED UP and THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, BRIDESMAIDS hopes to follow the huge success of these other major efforts.

With SNL actresses Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph leading up a cast that includes the late Jill Clayburgh, BRIDESMAIDS looks far more promising than most recent films with SNL stars in them. Some films such as NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY were unwatchable dreck. However, Kristen Wiig is an exceptionally talented actress that seems able to do wonders with the right script. And all indications here are that this script is a good one.

Some advance reviews claim that this film is one of the best R-rated comedies this year by far. Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are running 80% positive so far, which is very good.

BRIDESMAIDS certainly looks worthwhile to watch and as soon as a screener is available to Wizbang Pop we’ll be reviewing this film in more detail here.