DVD Review: HUSK(2011)

What a great horror movie HUSK is. After Dark certainly know how to craft a great horror tale, and HUSK certainly seems to capture your attention as the scary supernatural events begin to quickly unfold after a group of young folks have an accident after a blinding group of crows crash into the windshield of their SUV, causing a crash into a ditch at a strange corn field where scare crows terrorize and murder.

HUSK is an absolutely terrifying tale of the supernatural and great horror filmmaking. It’s a real thrill ride with few short comings. One of my few complaints is that Tammin Pamela Sursok, the beautiful south African born actress wasn’t in much more of this film. She’s a major league babe who’s appeared in projects as wide ranging as IN PLAIN SIGHT, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, AQUAMARINE as well as eight episodes of HANNAH MONTANA as Siena. If the makers of HUSK dropped the ball anywhere here, it wasn’t writing the script where Sursok’s character was a more major part of this film. But, still the film that’s here is very good and very interesting.

The Bottom Line: If you want to enjoy a top notch horror tale, then you can’t go wrong here. HUSK is very enjoyable. +++(Three Stars, Good. Buy or rent this film and enjoy it!).

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