Economy Seems To Be The Big Star At The New York Auto Show

Sensing that fuel economy as well as belt-tightening might follow the latest rounds of steeper oil prices, the New York Auto Show seems to be brimming with economy stars this year. Hoping to cash in on this expected trend of frugality, there are plenty of products from makers such as Hyundai, KIA, Mazda and many others. Even luxury brands such as Merecedes are showing off their smaller and cheaper A Class line of cars as well.

The New York Auto Show is always a huge event where automakers hope for plenty of good press about their new products as well as showing off some interesting concept vehicles. Expect to hear a lot of buzz about a few new cars from this year’s show.

However, this year’s round of steep oil prices has cast a giant shadow over this year’s show and probably led to a lot of late decisions to feature some more fuel efficient vehicles more than others. The fast and the furious will always be found at New York’s famous auto event. But, for this year, economy will be the big star, or at least until $4 a gallon gasoline prices settle back down.

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