Jeremy Bieber: Justin Bieber’s Dad Gets Playgirl Offer

Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber’s dad, gets Playgirl offer to pose nude for $300,000 per day.

Jeremy Bieber

Oh yeah. Just what we all want to see. Justin Bieber’s dad naked. Well, that is probably a step up from Justin Bieber nude at least. The thought is making me just a tad nauseous. But I’m not a teeny-bopper so maybe that is clouding my judgement.

Has Justin Bieber finished his walk in the steps of Jesus in Jerusalem or is he still whining in his hotel room there, hiding from the paparazzi that ruined his trip to the Holy Land? I have to admit that I haven’t kept up with that. Maybe he’s back in the States or Canada by now and on to another whine-fest about how fame and riches have made his life a living hell.


Anyway. It seems that Justin Bieber’s father has gotten himself a gig of his own. You know, as opposed to living off his son’s fame and fortune. He’s been offered a deal to pose nude for Playgirl at $300,000 per day. Not a bad sum for a days work of laying around naked.

Bieber’s mother turned down a similar offer from Playboy magazine last year. But it looks like Daddy Bieber might just be up for strutting his stuff.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Anonymous

    You are nautious because you are looking at a hot guy that’s probably in his 20″s? Sheesh. Wait till you become old.