Caroline Davis: Natalie Portman Body Double Trouble (Again!)

Natalie Portman is having body double trouble again. This time its an Irish film student, Caroline Davis, who says it was her bottom you saw diving into a frigid Irish lake, NOT Natalie Portman’s. Does it matter? Do you care? You can see the enticing Natalie Portman photos in question below.

Natalie Portman: Your Highness

Natalie Portman or Caroline Davis?

Natalie Portman has notoriously had some problems with a ballerina, Sarah Lane, who claims she did most of the dancing that was attributed to Portman in her Oscar-winning turn in The Black Swan. I think Lane and the studios are still fighting that out, but most people don’t really care because Portman got the Oscar for her acting, not for being a dancer.

But now she’s got another body double saying she did some work for Portman in Your Highness.

According to an Irish film student, Caroline Davis, Natalie Portman did the shots of her standing by the lake, but it was Davis who actually dove into the lake (pictured above). I guess Portman didn’t want to dive into the cold water.

Caroline Davis says she jumped at the chance to be on the film set and did the dive as Natalie Portman’s body double. I’m not sure why this makes news except it provides the opportunity to show a sexy picture of what may or may not be Natalie Portman’s arse as she makes a dive into the water. Don’t most actors have body doubles to do shots they don’t want to do or are considered too dangerous for them to do?

I’m not sure I’m seeing what the big deal is – maybe you can enlighten me in the comments. Did Caroline Davis double for Portman in Your Highness? What’s with Natalie Portman’s body double trouble? Do you care?

Check out the photos of Natalie Portman from Your Highness in the gallery below. You can also see the movie trailer here.

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